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Portfolio - Portraits
The Divine Feminine

The main body of my portraits highlight the rise of the Feminine energy in this time of great change as we, our planet and our universe are on our journey of ascension to a new vibration, a faster frequency and less dense plane of existence.

My paintings are intuitively painted. As a psychic medium, I meditate and tune in to the surrounding energies, channeling that energy into the piece as it forms. My paintings celebrate strong women from all cultures, capturing their energy, their inner strengthened their true power, but also capturing a moment to see their vulnerabilities, their softer side and their feminine essence. They highlight the struggle of women to be accepted as equals, giving women a voice, seeing beauty within and celebrating cultural diversity and our connection to all that exists, all matter, as we are comprised of energy originating from the same energy source. 


Everything is energy, has a vibration and frequency and is all connected to everything else creating an intertwined cause and effect, i.e. the butterfly effect. One small action somewhere can have a huge effect on something in another place, planet, universe, or dimension or density. Everything we do, think or say has an energy and therefore a mass and creates an effect on everyone and everything else, literally creating our reality and our perception of it.

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