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I always had a paintbrush or a pen in my hand from being a small child and always knew I wanted to be an artist.

My earliest influence and my inspiration for my love of art and painting, was my uncle John, an artist himself, I used to sit and draw in his studio while he worked.

As a teenager I explored lots of different mediums including textiles and screen printing but I found that oils and acrylics were my preference.

I had to choose between fine art and graphic design for university and felt that graphic design offered better career opportunities. I graduated from Salisbury College of Art and for over 25 years I have had a career in graphic design. All the time I continued to paint and sell my art. My art is my passion and my purpose and I hope it brings a great deal of joy to the people that buy it.

I still run a graphic design business. 

And besides all that I am a mum, a black belt in TaeKwonDo, a yogi, a Reiki master, a flautist, a pianist, a music lover, a keep fit enthusiast, a rider of horses, and chief cook and bottle washer!

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