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Having a love of art since a small child, Kirsten gained a BA in graphic Design and has had a career in the design industry as a graphic designer for the past 30 years, all the while keeping up with her love of painting and her painting practice. Deciding to concentrate fully on her art, Kirsten has been painting professionally since 2016.


Award winning Lancashire based intuitive artist, Kirsten Todd, paints expressive, intuitive and energetic expressionist portraits and abstracts. Working mainly in acrylics, her portraits reflect her spritual connection, celebrate strong women, female empowerment, cultural diversity, the divine feminine and the divine human form to show their inner strength, the human resilience, their inner power and realisation of the true power that we humans have within us, our emotion and energy and our connection with each other and all that exists. 

WINNER of the British Art Prize Edding Acrylic Award 2022, Finalist in the Society of Women Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries London, and obtaining a Certificate of Artistic Merit from Luxembourg Art Prize and the Pinacotheque Museum for 2022 and 2021 consecutively, Kirsten has shown her work in exhibitions in the Mall Galleries, London, around the UK and internationally, with solo shows in the UK. 

In addition to being the winner of The British Art Prize Acrylic Award she has also gained a couple of emerging artist awards, has featured in art books, and had features in The Huts Magazine, World Wide Art Magazine, The Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine, Living North and Artists and Illustrators Magazine. Kirsten’s work is collected nationally and internationally. Kirsten is also a member of the Visual Artists Association.


Kirsten has just completed an artist residency at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, sketching and painting life at the Everyman behind the scenes, capturing the energy and vibrancy of life in a working theatre from intimate moments in rehearsals, the staff in the green room, to costume fittings.


Creating art for Kirsten is a release, a freedom, entering an altered state, as she becomes in flow and in tune with the colour, paint and canvas, bringing a connection to the Divine, creating a working meditation. It is in this flow that the piece of work is developed and the creation is born. Art has taken her on so many wonderful journeys of discovery and is continually helping her to expand emotionally and spiritually.


Being an intuitive medium, Kirsten channels energy which is then imbued into the painting as she works intuitively, putting that energy into every piece. Her work reflects our energy and our energetic connection to all that exists, Source energy and thus each other. Whether it be a glimmer of vulnerability in the expression of a piece, or healing, strength and joyous energy, giving the recipient what they might need through suggestions of colour, to bring them healing or balance, albeit on a subconscious level.


Kirsten strives to be heard through her work speaking her unique truth and empowering others through her art.

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My portraits

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us and for the last few thousand years it has been out of balance with the masculine energy, having a much stronger influence and in control of the way we feel and think. This imablance has caused the patriarchal society we live in, fuelling aggresssion, war, anger, greed, materialism, over consumption, selfishness and dominance over women. Now there is a rise of the divine feminine energy streaming into the planet and within us seeking to rebalance our bodies, our inner world and by extension our outer world and planet. This feminine energy brings compassion, strength within, heightened intuition, truth, wisdom and spirituality.


My portraits highlight the rise of the Feminine energy in this time of great change as we, our planet and our universe are on our journey of ascension to a new, higher vibration aiming to bring balance to our inner world and thus by extension our outer world and the planet. I feel I need to get this message out to as many people as possible in my own unique way. My paintings celebrate strong women, showing within them inner strength of a warrioress - not harsh or cruel but strength with compassion and humility, seeing within the vulnerability and pain of a hard life lived and hardships endured and concquered. They highlight the struggle of women to be accepted as equals, giving women a much needed voice, seeing beauty within all of us and every living thing and celebrating cultural diversity. 


If we listen to our intuition and our inner guides, we can tap into unlimited strength, compassion, wisdom and guidance. We can shine our light and show the world our true essense and true powerful nature, empowering ourselves and the world
around us.

My abstracts

My abstracts highlight our fragile planet and the natural process of decay and change that occur over time by the forces of nature. They also highlight what can be the destructive force of nature and the state of our planet at the moment due to pollution.


No matter what we do Nature and the laws of nature will always prevail and find a way to repair, recover, adapt and thrive. For example shipwrecks creating the perfect haven and habitat for fish and new coral reefs to form, and plant life finding its way into derelict buildings, slowly taking over and taking back its rightful place.


The natural world has always been one of the most celebrated settings onto which many artists project their beliefs, feelings, and ideas. Art can renew our connection with nature, and can address environmental issues and topics about conservation, sustainability, preservation, biodiversity, and threatened habitats.

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