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Rise of the Divine Feminine

I'm creating a series of paintings entitled Rise of the Divine Feminine, featuring strong women and women from around the world from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Hopefully showing the inner strength and resilience of women and the need to now embrace the divine feminine in all of us to bring us into a state of balance. This applies to men now, not just women - we need to embrace our feminine side as well as the masculine characteristics within us.

Here is the first in the series of paintings - Himba Tribeswoman.

She is a picture of strength and beauty.

The Himba tribe is from Namibia, Africa. The Himba women are responsible for keeping the homestead running and milking the cattle.

Himba women cover themselves in red ochre paste from the surrounding earth to cleanse their bodies and protect from the sun and mosquito bites. It gives their skin and hair braids the distinctive red hue. It is considered highly desirable and beautiful and symbolises the earth's rich red colour and the blood, the essence of life. Himba women are prohibited from washing in water so they bathe themselves in a smoke bath from the sacred fire. This probable originates from the fact that water is scarce and should be used sparingly.

Every morning they communicate with their god in the sacred fire called Okuruwo, which is kept constantly burning. One person from each family is responsible for keeping it alight.

Before a woman conceives, she is expected to hear the song of her unborn child. Once she has heard this, she learns it and teaches it to the father so that during conception they sing together the song of their unborn child to welcome it to the world. This song is then given to the child upon birth and is their individual song which they have for life. The song is then sung at all the important events and phases of the childs life and also upon their death. The song is also sung when a child has misbehaved to remind them of their values.

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