• Kirsten Todd

Pantone colour of the year - Ultra Violet

Pantone colour of the Year - Ultra Violet.

The psychology of the colour purple, colours can alter our mood and evoke different emotions and feelings.

Violet and the colour purple is mysterious, spiritual, inventive, imaginative, provocative and evocative.

It evokes the senses, is soothing, sensual, and mysterious.

Violet occurs naturally in the visible spectrum but purple is a mix of blue and red.

It is seen as a regal colour and is associated with royalty. It is the symbol of royalty, richness, opulence, luxury and wealth. In ancient times, dyes to colour fabrics with were expensive to make for certain colours and required a lot of effort, purple being one such colour as it is not readily available in nature. The resources needed to make the colour were hard to come by thus making it much more expensive. For this reason purple became associated with the rich and royalty as very often it was only the rich who could afford expensive items.

Purple also represents wisdom and spirituality. It is associated with the third eye which is where our connection to spirit and intuition is held. It is connected with the supernatural and the divine.

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