Beautiful art in the workplace has been proven to improve productivity, increase the happiness and well being of staff, and boost morale, creating a more inspiring place to work.

Art in the business environment or workplace is often not considered. Colourful pieces of art or graphics can alter the mood in a meeting room, stimulate the senses and can change and enhance the aesthetics in an often bland corporate environment.

An unusual piece of art can become a feature or talking point and designs can incorporate your brand colours, values and personality.

Art in the workplace has positive effects.

Research by Dr. Craig Knight and Dr. S Alexander, psychology professors, have found a direct link between working environment and levels of well being and productivity of staff. It has been found that art in the workplace and its effect on employees contributes to reducing stress levels, boosting creativity and productivity and enhancing general well-being. The professors found that in offices enriched with art, the productivity of staff increased by 15% compared to those working in an office with little or no decoration or visual stimulation.

Key benefits

1. Create a great first impression.

Art can greatly affect a client/customers view of the place of business. It can be subconsciously comforting to customers and give the impression of class and elegance. Certain colours can have an effect and enhance the mood. Eg. green is seen as a calming and healing colour so use of green can have a relaxing effect.

2. Inspires creativity.

Employees are more likely to feel more inspired and motivated in an office that has been decorated thoughtfully and creatively.

3. Sends a message.

Incorporate your company branding. Use your brand colours, Show your brand values and personality.

4. Boost well-being and productivity of staff

What do I offer?
Large and small scale original paintings on canvas, canvas prints from original artwork should you need multiple works, limited edition fine art prints from original artwork. Large and small scale abstracts and graphic art. Full height/width vinyl wall murals and window/glass vinyls.

What next?

Contact me to make that initial introduction to see if we are a good fit, discuss the budget and establish the brief. Get in touch.


Create a great first impression for clients. Make a bold statement and reflect your brand personality. Boost productivity and well-being of staff by creating a more inspiring place to work.

Commission an original canvas painting for the boardroom, art and graphics for full length window wall vinyls.